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The Department of Tunuyán is at 80 kms (49.7 miles) from Mendoza City. Together with Tupungato and San Carlos, it forms the central oasis of the province. With a surface of 3,317 km² (about 820,000 acres) and a population of 40,460 inhabitants (according to 2001 statistics), this department comprises the valley's center, with more that 6500 meters (21,325 ft) of Andean Range, and with the upper margin of the Tunuyán River bordering at the east.

Huge mountains, crystalline streams, countless poplar groves comprise this magnificent landscape that gave birth to the most important wineries in the Province, framed by a unique historical background, provided it was this department that hosted the Los Andes Army of General San Martín after the Liberating Expedition. This path is still being used for the incredible adventure of crossing the Andean Range with sporting purposes.

Visitors should not miss our Gallery of Valley Images. Prepare your camera and make your reservation. There is too much to see in Tunuyán, in the Uco Valley and in Mendoza in general

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